4 Fascinating Things to do in Salcombe

October 2nd, 2014 | By Amy Gardiner

Salcombe is renowned for its beaches, water based activities, boutique shops and restaurants which entertain visitors year on year. What makes Salcombe really special is the hidden gems and fascinating things to do.

Here are just 4 fascinating things to do when staying in the area:


1.Explore local wildlife

The Salcombe to Kingsbridge estuary has been named a Site of Special Scientific Interest due to unique habitats and species gracing our shores. The mudflats provide a thriving environment for an ever growing ecosystem including marine life, birds and larger mammals. Seahorses and crabs are particularly fond of our local waters and the Salcombe Spider Crab is some of the largest in the world, whilst a variety of birds such as Curlew, Herron and Egrets can be found on the banks or searching for worms.  In the deeper waters you can spot dolphins, seals, schools of mackerel and occasionally a basking shark.

2.Dive to explore Salcombe Shipwrecks

Our stunning shores have been successfully sailed for thousands of years, but occasionally on those rough winter nights boats have met the craggy coastline and fierce seas to result in some fascinating shipwrecks. Salcombe’s famous ship wreck the Herzogin Cecilie in Starehole Bay was a gorgeous Clipper that won several races and was famed for her speed, covering the trip from Australia to Falmouth in just 86 days. The thick fog of a January morning caused the ship to strike the Hamstone off Salcombe, fortunately all passengers and crew were saved and most of the cargo of grain too. Devon is the perfect holiday spot for lovers of maritime history, or divers looking to explore the multitude of wrecks dotted around the coast.

3.Maritime History

With an expanse of stunning blue sea surrounding Salcombe it’s not surprising that the history has a nautical focus. This traditional shipbuilding and sailing town dotted with fishermen’s cottages developed early in the 1790s to broaden their capabilities for accepting large cargo. The middle of the 19th Century was a successful time for Salcombe, during 1848 16,723 tons of timber, coal, groceries and exotic fruit from the Bahamas was received. Whereas our main exports were corn, flour, malt, potatoes, slate and cider! To find out more about the local history, why not visit the Salcombe Maritime Museum.


4. Salcombe Interactive RNLI Lifeboat Centre

The Salcombe Lifeboat Crew have been assisting people in trouble in our waters for nearly 140 years and their work is an essential part of our community. The fantastic new Interactive Lifeboat Museum has lots to keep you entertained. Learn about the In-Shore Lifeboat, used for rescues in Salcombe Estuary, and the All Weather Lifeboat, used for bigger shouts out at sea, as well as their volunteers and the roles they perform.

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