5 tips to make the most of a day at the Salcombe beaches

August 19th, 2014 | By Clare Levy

Salcombe is lucky enough to be home to some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the area with shallow, clean water being one of the highlights of these incredible shores. To make your day at the beach extra special here are some of our top tips.


1. Grab a sandwich from Salcombe Yawl – Whether going to one of the Portlemouth beaches or to North or South Sands, a picnic makes a beach day perfect – so where better to get your packed lunch than the Salcombe Yawl? They make sandwiches, salads and lunches to order so you can make sure to get something that everyone likes. We recommend the local crab sandwiches for something even more unique to Salcombe. There are other places for grabbing a quick picnic including ‘Cranch’s Pantry’ for snacks, drinks and goodies and ‘The Bake House’ for delicious bakery treats.

2. Take a bucket and spade – The beaches in Salcombe have the perfect sand for building sandcastles so make sure you take a bucket and spade! There are many shops in Salcombe which sell them as well as The Venus Beach Café at East Portlemouth beach offering an array of sandcastle accessories. Your buckets can even double up as crabbing buckets when you return to Salcombe. Finishing the day with crab fishing is definitely recommended for those staying in Salcombe.

3. Check the tide times – As the Salcombe Estuary is tidal, it is important when planning your beach day in Salcombe to check when high and low tide is. Although the beaches are still as much fun when the tide is in, low tide is best for those wanting the run of the beach and, at North and South Sands, allows you to discover the rock pools and all their hidden wildlife wonders!


4. Take the ferry – If you want to truly make the most of Salcombe’s beaches, take the East Portlemouth or South Sands passenger ferry to their respective beaches for a unique experience. Catch the Portlemouth ferry from Ferry Steps and the South Sands ferry from Whitestrand car park – both run throughout the day during the Summer.

5. Wetsuit shoes – Something that people often forget about is suitable footwear for scrambling over the rocks and exploring the Rock Pools! Wetsuit shoes are perfect for this and can be found at a number of stores in Island Street in Salcombe. They are also useful for when in the water to prevent yourself standing on any hidden rocks that may be further out to sea. As many of the beaches in the Salcombe area have fantastic rock pools, make sure you have something you can protect your feet with!

These are only a few suggestions of how your day can be made even better at these incredible beaches. Remember sunscreen, towels and windbreaks as well! Make the most of these beaches and have a day you won’t forget!