South Devon Holidays – Hit The Water At Frogmore Regatta’s Raft Race

August 16th, 2013 | By Clare Levy

This year we’re proud to be sponsoring the annual Frogmore Regatta on the 18th of August. Now in its 33rd year this one day celebration in the beautiful South Hams village of Frogmore has become famous across the area for its feel good factor. If you’re thinking of staying in one of our South Devon holiday homes when the regatta is on you should definitely drop in.

One of the regatta’s biggest draws is the Globe Inn Challenge Raft Race. Every year you’ll see a variety of ramshackle creations, some barely afloat, bobbing along often with some kind of fancy dress theme. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to enter, here are some tips to help you make it to the end of the race.

1. Keep Smiling. The Challenge is all about having fun, so keep it light-hearted. This will help when you end up wading back to shore in your t-shirt and shorts as the raft disintegrates

Knights in a waterborne crusade

2. Get Knotted. If your raft is going to survive the duration of the course you better learn how to lash together all the the barrels, planks and other flotsam and jetsam you’ll be sitting on. If you don’t know a hitch from a bend, then try a session or two at ICC Salcombe. You can have half and full day private sessions, learn some of those essential knots and get your sea legs sturdy for the race.

3. Keeping Up Appearances. You’ll certainly be getting wet, and odds are you’ll get submerged at some point, so make sure you have on light clothes that won’t restrict your movements. If you’re not confident in the water consider a buoyancy aid, which you can buy from Ashby’s in nearby Kingsbridge. If you want to add a dash of fun to proceedings consider having a theme for the crew, pirates are a popular choice but let your creativity run wild.

Globe Girls in the raft race

4. Share The Load. Make sure your crew is evenly distributed around the raft. If you bunch up then you’ll probably end up capsizing and taking a plunge into the creek. Getting back on to a capsized raft in soggy clothes isn’t easy!

5. Get In Sync. In all the excitement you’ll all be paddling away furiously in an attempt to get ahead, and you’ll end up going nowhere fast. Take a leaf out of Sir Steve Redgrave and company’s book and get the team pulling in the same direction if you want to be in with a chance of winning.


Hopefully these tips will help anyone who wants to give this exhilarating race a shot. Of course if you’re not feeling that energetic you can enjoy the proceedings from the shore with a glass of Pimms in hand. Sometimes there’s something to be said for living vicariously!

Donkey rides for the youngsters

If you want to enjoy the Frogmore Regatta, and the surrounding beauty of the South Hams, then why not stay in one of our South Devon holiday homes. We have a variety of properties on offer, from rustic cottages to apartments with sweeping sea views.

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