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Gara Rock Beach is the destination for this walk from East Portlemouth

Welcome to our visual guide to the walk from East Portlemouth/Mill Bay to Gara Rock Beach (also known as Seacombe Sands).

At a glance

  • Distance: 4 miles
  • Views: Stunning coastal and estuary views
  • Terrain: Pavement, tracks, grass, muddy and rocky paths. Steep and uneven in places
  • Circular? Yes
  • Starting point: East Portlemouth car park, Mill Bay car park, or take the passenger ferry from Salcombe to the East Portlemouth jetty
  • Destination: Gara Rock Beach, or pop into the café at the Gara Rock Hotel for a bite or a drink while you take in the view.

East Portlemouth to Gara Rock

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To view the OS map for our East Portlemouth to Gara Rock walk, please click here.

The beach below Gara Rock

Your step-by-step guide

1. Head towards Mill Bay National Trust car park. From East Portlemouth Beach, head inland and take a right, then go straight. You’ll see Mill Bay on your right and the car park in front of you.


2. Go right at the car park, up the hill. Keep to the right for the coastal walk.

The Coast Path by Mill Bay

3. You’ll soon come to Sunny Cove, giving you the choice of either popping down to the sand for a detour or carrying on along the coastal path.

Sunny Cove

4. You’ll pass blackberries, sloes and even a plentiful supply of crab apples overhanging the path – great for foraging if you time it right.

Foraging on the South West Coast Path

5. You’ll come to a gate, which signifies that there may be sheep grazing in this area, so please keep your dog under close control.

Between Seacombe Sands and Sunny Cove

6. The trail will take you past a memorial plaque, dedicated to the memory of those who lost their lives in the Salcombe Lifeboat Disaster of 1910.

A memorial to the Salcombe Lifeboat Disaster

7. Before long, you’ll catch your first glimpses of the beach ahead.

Gara Rock Beach from the South West Coast Path

8. When you come to the Gara Rock signpost, head right to go down to the beach or left to make your way to the hotel and café.

A waymarker for Gara Rock

9. If you’ve chosen to visit the beach, you won’t regret it! Gara Rock Beach (Seacombe Sands) is a beautiful, unspoilt sandy cove. Find out more from our Gara Rock Beach – South Devon Beach Bible.

Gara Rock Beach (Seacombe Sands)

10. Head back up the trail towards the white building above. When you reach the top, take a right, going along the left side of the hotel.

Waymarkers by Gara Rock hotel

11. With the hotel on your right, walk up the road until you come to a Coast Path sign, pointing to a stile to your left. Go over the stile.

Inland trail towards Mill Bay from Gara Rock

12. Cross the car park to the next sign, almost directly opposite.

Mill Bay route from Gara Rock hotel

13. Follow this trail.

Trail towards Mill Bay National Trust Car Park

14. When the trail reaches a muddy track, cross the track and go through the gate opposite.

Above Mill Bay Car Park

15. Follow this path, which will lead directly back to the Mill Bay car park.

Mill Bay football

16. Turn right at the end of the car park.

Mill Bay Car Park

17. Simply follow the road back along the coast to where you began.

Roads by East Portlemouth

There’s a Venus Takeaway at East Portlemouth beach, another great option for picking up a bite or a drink as you enjoy the stunning view of Salcombe across the estuary.

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