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Whether you already have a holiday property which you rent out to guests, or are considering doing so, having a comprehensive holiday let inventory checklist is really important. Today’s holiday makers are more discerning when it comes to self-catering accommodation and expect it to be a home from home. With most guests expecting a comfortable and well-resourced property, it is important to consider how you will equip your holiday cottage, especially in key rooms such as the kitchen.

Having a comprehensive inventory checklist ensures your holiday cottage is equipped to provide all the essential amenities guests need and have come to expect. It also allows you to keep track of household articles between rentals and over time. The essential amenities that you offer can make all the difference to a guests experience and will often mean they’re likely to return to your property as well as leave a positive review. So, this is why we’ve put together an inventory checklist of all the necessary items you’ll need to provide to make your property feel like a true home from home!

Holiday let inventory checklist living and kitchen area

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Benefits of having an inventory checklist for a holiday let

Holiday let inventory checklist bedroom

Having an inventory checklist for the all the items and amenities in your holiday property is a great way to ensure that you have everything in order, to make your guests visit as convenient and enjoyable as possible. It’s also a great opportunity to make sure you don’t forget those little extras and thoughtful additions that will go a long way to make guests feel welcome, allowing them to make the most of their stay. It is omissions in inventory and failure of equipment that often leave guests frustrated and unsatisfied with a property.

The very nature of a holiday let means there will be a high turnover of guests. There is likely to be wear and tear, as well as the occasional breakage of fixtures and fittings in a holiday home. An inventory checklist for your property will allow the chance to identify anything that is missing. As well as spot any issues early on allowing holiday home owners to get them fixed before they become potentially expensive problems.

What to include in an inventory checklist for your holiday property

Guests are searching for a holiday rental that provides all the conveniences of home so they can focus on what matters most – their holiday. The good news is that we’ve taken away the hassle of creating an inventory list for your holiday cottage.

Holiday let kitchen inventory checklist

Holiday let inventory checklist kitchen 2

The kitchen in any household is known as the heart of the home. Often the busiest room in a holiday property, its furnishing and equipment must be well thought out and functional. Most guests like to divide their time between eating out and staying in, so it’s prudent to provide a kitchen with everything they need to whip up a culinary storm.

Large appliances – Every kitchen in a self-catering property needs the essentials – cooker, hob, fridge and freezer. But having additional items that make life easier, like a dishwasher or a dryer as well as a washing machine will always be well received. To ensure your guests are safe during their stay, it’s important to make sure everything is PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) tested, and that all your gas appliances are regularly serviced. For more information on this and other safety requirements around the home, read our guide to holiday let rules and regulations where we cover everything from gas safety to health and safety requirements for holiday lets.

Small appliances – Like large appliances, most of these are essential, while others make your guests stay a bit more luxurious. Must-haves are toasters, kettles, and microwaves. Providing extras like coffee machines, weighing scales, milk frother, juicer, blender and even a smart speaker goes a long way in making a positive impression.

Dinnerware – The number you require will depend on how many guests your home accommodates. It’s best not to provide expensive crockery or glassware. Sensible, practical, easily replaceable and plenty of spares is generally the best policy. We recommend plain white crockery because it looks good and is easy to replace.

Pots and pans – Having good quality pots and pans with fitted lids are always recommended. Durable, thick-bottomed steel cookware is easy to clean and cannot be faulted but frying pans should be non-stick and need to be replaced more regularly than other pans since they’re more frequently used. Don’t forget to include non-stick utensils to use with the frying pan.

Pantry provisions – Items such as salt, pepper, tea bags, coffee, sugar, a pint of milk, dishwasher tabs, washing powder, washing up liquid, a few bin bags and some spare light bulbs are standard provisions and should be in your property for the start of each let. Other non-food cooking items such as silver foil and cling film are helpful, but not essential.

holiday let inventory checklist kitchen

Cleaning products – Try and make cleaning as easy as possible for guests, providing the basics like a hoover, mop, dustpan and brush. Then include basic cleaning supplies, as well as a good quality iron, ironing board, washing basket and clothes horse (with pegs).

holiday let inventory checklist cleaning equipment

Holiday cottage bathroom inventory checklist

When stocking the bathroom, try to think of the things you would use. Make sure there’s enough of each item for each guest that will be staying in your property. You should at least provide the very basics such as hand soap and toilet roll. Make sure the bathmats you provide are non-slip to avoid any accidents. Each guest will need their own bath and hand towel that are easy to launder and bleach if necessary.

holiday let inventory checklist bathrooms

Holiday property living area essentials list

Your living area, like your kitchen, is often the area which will be used most in your property. For guests to enjoy and make the most of the area, make sure that there’s enough space for everyone staying, be it the number of seats at the dining table, or on a sofa. Ensure that the entertainment centre is functional and that your living room is stocked with a few rainy-day activities. Include coasters to protect tables and furniture. Good WiFi has now become a priority for one third (33%) of Brits, with Sykes reporting a 44% increase in bookings for properties with WiFi this summer. So having a good connection and speed is now considered essential.

holiday let inventory checklist living areas

Holiday home bedroom inventory

Invest in light coloured bedding that’s easy to clean, bleach, and swap out if necessary. Include good black-out curtains or blinds, mirrors, lamps, and don’t forget smaller details like a hairdryer and coat hangers. Providing clean, crisp and high-quality linen is important. Purchasing and cleaning your own linen can be quite costly, so the option of renting linen may prove to be an option which appeals. Coast & Country Cottages in-house laundry service, Travel Lite allows you peace of mind in knowing that all laundry is cleaned to a professional standard, and available to you without having to outlay the cost for the linen. For more advice on how to prepare your property for guests, read our blog on holiday home cleaning, housekeeping and laundry.

holiday let inventory checklist bedrooms

Inventory checklist for child friendly properties

Families make up one of the biggest holiday let markets so it’s well worth catering specifically for this niche. Adapting your holiday cottage to be more child friendly could significantly increase the appeal of your holiday home to guests. By making your goal to create a child friendly space, you’ll naturally appeal to this significant section of the holiday market.

holiday let inventory checklist Childfriendly

Need a little extra help in creating a child friendly holiday home to attract family bookings? Read our blog on creating a child friendly holiday home.

Checklist for dog-friendly holiday lets

Running a dog-friendly holiday let is an appealing idea and can boost occupancy rates. According to the Sykes Staycation Index 2021, bookings for holidays with pets this summer have risen by 40% compared to 2019. Dog-friendly holiday cottages that include just a few thoughtful touches for pets will make a huge difference and not only keep your guests, but their pooch ‘paw-fectly’ happy. Here are a few things to include in your property if you accept pets.

holiday let inventory checklist Dogfriendly

Still not sure about allowing dogs at your holiday let? Read our blog on should I make my holiday home dog-friendly to help you decide.

Providing special amenities

Holiday let inventory checklist hot tub

Guest love special added extras like hot tubs, fires and other luxury additions when they are on holiday. Providing any of these special amenities can make your property more attractive, increase your earning potential and drive bookings to your holiday rental listing. It’s important to include any additional items on your inventory checklist that will be needed if you have these special amenities. We’ve created a few guides on what you need to know when including these additions.

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