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A beautiful view of the Dart Valley from Greenway Gardens

Here’s our visual guide to the walk from Dartmouth to Greenway and Dittisham, a famous hike along the Dart Valley Trail. This circular walk is considered one of the very best when it comes to showing off the natural beauty of South Devon. This is a challenging walk with many steep ascents and descents, but stunning views of the Dart Valley and beyond mean it’s well worth the effort.

For a shorter version of this walk, we recommend taking a break at Dittisham, stopping by the popular Ferry Boat Inn or the Anchorstone Café, both of which sit right on the water’s edge and offer wonderful views of the river. Alternatively, take the opportunity to visit beautiful Greenway House, run by the National Trust, and sit down for a snack in the delightful café.

Find out more about the village of Dittisham here.

At a glance:

  • Distance: 10 – 12 miles depending on exact route.
  • Views: Stunning river, estuary and coastal views as far as Torbay, taking in unspoilt farmland and seemingly endless forest.
  • Terrain: Pavements, roads, grass and rocky paths which can become muddy at times. Very steep ascents and descents.
  • Circular? Yes
  • Starting point: Dartmouth Quay/Kingswear
  • Destination: Back to Dartmouth, or stop at Greenway or Dittisham and take the ferry home.

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To view the OS map for our Dartmouth to Greenway and Dittisham walk, please click here.

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The walk:

1. Head to Dartmouth Quay and take the passenger ferry across to Kingswear (it’s £1.50 for a single adult ticket at the time of writing).

Kingswear towards the Dart Valley Trail

2. Opposite Kingswear Village Stores, you’ll see some signposted steps down towards the boatyard. Take these steps.

Kingswear steps to boatyard
3. Turn right and make your way through the boatyard, keeping to the marked path.

Boatyard at Kingswear
4. Continue on the path with the railway line to your right. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to see the steam train pass by…

Dartmouth Steam Railway
5. Don’t forget to look back towards Dartmouth for a lovely view!

View of Dartmouth from Kingswear
6. At the rail crossing/Higher Ferry port, turn right and follow the road uphill. Take care as there is no marked footpath.

Crossing at Higher Ferry
7. A few hundred yards up the road, just past the public toilets, you’ll see a path leading upwards into the forest on your right. Take this path.

Footpath into the woods past the Higher Ferry
8. Follow the Dart Valley Trail signs through the forest. Turn left when you come to a driveway, signposted for Greenway Ferry and Maypool.

National Trust footpath near Kingswear
9. You’ll come to a road. Cross straight over, taking the footpath opposite that leads downhill.

Cross the road to the permissive footpath
10. Follow the path through the forest, following the Dart Valley Trail signs. Follow the permissive footpath sign to the right and go over the stile.

A right turn on the way to Greenway
11. Turn left and make your way down the path on the edge of the field.

A footpath on the edge of a beautiful field on the way to Greenway
12. Exit the field at the bottom and turn left, following the sign for Greenway Gardens.

A sign to Greenway Gardens
13. Continue straight on, following the sign to Greenway.

The path to Greenway
14. You’ve reached the Greenway Estate. Go through the gate.

The entrance to Greenway Gardens
15. Don’t forget to have your camera ready! To your left is a famously beautiful view of the Dart Valley.

A beautiful view of the Dart Valley from Greenway Gardens
16. Continue along the top of the field and go through the gate to your right.

Towards Greenway House
17. Continue until over the brow of the hill and start to make your way left down the field.

Down the field towards Greenway House and the Dart Valley
18. Carry on towards the gate at the bottom of the field.

Head towards Greenway or Galmpton
19. Take the path left.

The path leading to Greenway Lane
20. When you reach the road, turn right and head along Greenway Drive towards the official Greenway entrance. At the end of the road, turn left and head downhill towards Greenway Quay.

Turn left towards Greenway Quay
21. Take the ferry across to Dittisham. (At the time of writing, a one-way ticket across the river is £2.)

Dittisham, seen from Greenway Quay
22. The road from the Quay passes between the Ferry Boat Inn and the Anchorstone Café. So take your pick or continue straight up the hill if you’re keen to push on.

23. A few hundred yards up the hill, take a sharp left onto Rectory Lane.

Rectory Lane in Dittisham
24. Shortly afterwards, turn right onto the track.

Dart Valley Trail, off Rectory Lane
25. A little way up the hill, turn left and go over the stile.

A left turn into the fields above Dittisham
26. Follow the trail along the edge of the field. Once again, the views are magnificent!

A view of the Dart Valley above Dittisham
27. Go over the turnstile.

A stile above Dittisham
28. Go over the next turnstile and carry on through the field.

Go over this turnstile beyond Dittisham
29. When you reach the road, turn left.

Turn left to rejoin the road on the Dart Valley Trail
30. Turn left, following the sign for Old Mill Creek.

A sign for Old Mill Creek
31. Follow the waymarkers through the fields.

Dartmouth appears in the distance on the Dart Valley Trail
32. Walk along the field with Dartmouth ahead of you. You’ll come out at Green Lane. Turn left and head down the hill.

Green Lane towards Old Mill Creek
33. A little way down the hill, turn right onto the footpath.

A footpath off Green Lane
34. There are no benches along this stretch, but if you’ve brought a rug with you, there are some great spots for picnics!

View of the valley above Old Mill Creek
35. Cross this field diagonally to your right.

Head into the woodland towards Old Mill Creek
36. Head into the woodland. Be advised the terrain in this section can be loose and uneven.

37. Follow the trail, passing by a lake to your right.

38. Continue through the pine forest.

39. Take a left at the Raleigh Estate information board.

Information board at the Raleigh Estate
40. When you arrive at Old Mill Creek, cross the bridge and follow the road uphill to your left.

Old Mill Creek, outside Dartmouth
41. Continue on this road until you arrive in Townstal.

Heading towards Townstal at the top of Dartmouth
42. Turn right onto Archway Drive and take the first length onto Townstal Crescent. When you reach the main road, you have several options. Two of these are:

A) Follow the road downhill towards Dart Marina and walk along the Embankment back to Dartmouth.

B) Cross the main road on the pedestrian and walk along Townstal Pathfields. Turn left and walk through the graveyard, then continue downhill, down Church Road, going straight on at the crossroads onto Mount Boone. Turn right onto Townstal Hill, turning left onto Vicarage Hill after the road bends to the right. Turn left down the narrow lane and then right down the Brown’s Hill steps. You’ll come out at the marketplace in the centre of Dartmouth.

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