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Despite its small population and laid-back atmosphere, Dartmouth’s busy social calendar puts plenty of larger towns – and even some cities – to shame. If you’re considering a holiday in this delightful South Devon harbour town, take a look at our guide to what’s on in Dartmouth in 2021.

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Dartmouth Shakespeare Week
Dittisham Regatta
Dartmouth Royal Regatta
Dart the Dart
Dartmouth Food Festival

What’s on in Dartmouth in 2021

Dartmouth Shakespeare Week

27th July – 31st July

What's on in Dartmouth in 2021 - Dartmouth Shakespeare Week

A cultural highlight in Dartmouth’s busy events calendar, and after a year away for obvious reasons, Dartmouth Shakespeare Week is back for 2021. This year, The Inn Theatre Company proudly presents their open-air production of ‘The Comedy of Errors’. Whilst the production is usually held at the prestigious Dartmouth Castle, a new venue is being sought to allow for appropriate social distancing and to keep all guests comfortable and safe, for this year’s performance. Updates on both venue and ticket availability will be published on the Inn Theatre Company website, so be sure to regularly check for information – this is a magical event and one certainly not to be missed!


6th – 8th August

An award winning dog and family friendly festival held at Oldstone Farm in Dartmouth. With dog show displays, demonstrations, live music and a wide variety of stalls showcasing local products, Woofstock is an event that is popular amongst those with four legs, and two! Visit the Woofstock website to book your ticket.

Dittisham Regatta

14th August

What's on in Dartmouth in 2021 - Dittisham Regatta

A few miles upriver from Dartmouth, Dittisham (or ‘Ditsum’ as locals call it) is a picturesque waterfront village with magnificent views across the Dart to the leafy National Trust Greenway house and gardens. With two pubs, a popular Anchorstone Café and a quay where you can fish, crab or hire boats and kayaks, it makes a fantastic holiday base or spot for a day trip.

The annual Dittisham Regatta takes place in August each year – it is a fun filled event for the whole family, with a wealth of activities on offer including rowing, sculling and whaler races. What’s more, expect to enjoy an array of child friendly activities including the popular crabbing competition, and children’s obstacle / rowing event. As if this wasn’t enough, many stalls can be found along the Quay featuring traditional games, competition and entertainment. For the finer details of the regatta, visit the Dittisham Parish website, or follow the Dittisham Regatta Facebook page.

Dartmouth Royal Regatta

25th – 28th August

What's on in Dartmouth in 2021 - Dartmouth Royal Regatta

The first recorded Dartmouth Regatta took place in 1822. Over thirty years later, the event gained its Royal title when bad weather forced Queen Victoria’s flotilla into the safety of Dartmouth’s deep-water harbour. Luck had it that the Regatta was taking place during the monarch’s unplanned visit, and when she left she bestowed a Royal title on the event.

The Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta is the biggest annual event in our guide to what’s on in Dartmouth. If you’re considering a break in Dartmouth during the Regatta, we strongly advise booking your accommodation early to avoid disappointment, as this event is enormously popular every year. With a jam-packed weekend of rowing and sailing, a Kontiki raft race and also a Mayflower River Parade!

Dart the Dart

September 25th

What's on in Dartmouth in 2021 - Dart the Dart

A fun filled, fancy dress, food orientated run along the banks of the River Dart! Navigating a 13 mile route from Totnes the centre of Dartmouth itself, it is most certainly not a race – expect to sample culinary delights and enjoy sumptuous liquid refreshments at a variety of venues. Profits from the event help to support the Dartmouth Food Festival, so should you want to be kept up to date with news about the event, be sure to register for the newsletter. Book your Dart the Dart ticket here.

Dartmouth Food Festival

22rd – 24th October

What's on in Dartmouth in 2021 - Dartmouth Food Festival

South Devon, with its fertile fields and bountiful seas, is the perfect setting for a food festival that focuses on local, high-quality produce. The area has developed a thriving culinary culture in recent years, with award-winning restaurants such as the Seahorse and innovative producers like South Devon Chilli Farm, Sharpham Wine & Cheese and Riverford leading the way.

At the Dartmouth Food Festival expect to see top chefs from South Devon and the rest of the country, as well as popular food writers and a huge range of exhibitors tempting you with their wares. That’s not to suggest that Dartmouth Food Festival is something to consume passively – on the contrary, there are plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning from the masters. Another nice aspect of the event is that children aren’t forgotten about either, hence the Telegraph’s comment that the Dartmouth Food Festival offers ‘plenty to tickle the taste buds of all ages’.

For more information about the Dartmouth Food Festival, visit their comprehensive website.

What’s on in Dartmouth throughout the year?

What's on in Dartmouth in 2021

If you’re looking for year round entertainment in Dartmouth, your first port of call should be the Flavel Arts Centre, which serves as a cinema, music venue, theatre and gallery. The Flavel’s packed programme includes Hollywood movies, live screenings of National Theatre and Royal Ballet performances, author talks, folk concerts and pantomimes and more – see what’s on at the Flavel here.

Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the events listed in this blog may be subject to change in the case of further restrictions.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to what’s on in Dartmouth this year. Dartmouth’s programme is certainly one of the busiest in South Devon, but in addition to this, there are plenty of other exciting events around the region. Be sure to check our full article on what’s on in South Devon in 2021 to make sure your stay in the area is especially memorable – take a look at our portfolio of over 450 holiday homes in South Devon.

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