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Here’s our visual guide to the walk from Dartmouth to Sugary Cove.

Stunning Sugary Cove

At a glance

  • Distance: Two miles
  • Views: Kingswear, the Dart Estuary, woodland, out to sea.
  • Terrain: Pavement, walking trails, steep uneven steps down to the beach.
  • Circular? Mostly not, but our route is circular from the castle.

OS © Crown copyright 2018 CS-49390-P7H3Y2

To view the OS map for our Dartmouth to Sugary Cove walk, please click here.

Starting point: Dartmouth town centre

This short walk isn’t so strenuous aside from the steep steps to the beach itself. This means you’ll have plenty of energy for exploring Dartmouth itself. Why not walk the length of the Embankment and look out for the steam train on the opposite bank? Or explore the unique independent shops, pick up an ice-cream from the Dartmouth Ice-cream Company or stop in a café.

Destination: Sugary Cove

Sugary Cove is a little sandy beach a short walk from Dartmouth Castle. Largely hidden by woodland until you’re very close, it’s an easy place to miss – especially since there are no signs to guide you.

The walk downhill to Sugary Cove is steep but well worth it.

Getting there

1. Walk through the town towards Newcomen Road, following signs for Dartmouth Castle.

Newcomen Road, leaving Dartmouth

2. Take a left down Castle Road just before Warfleet, a beautiful hamlet around half a mile from the centre of Dartmouth.

Turning left at Warfleet Creek

3. There are benches to your left just past the bridge, which provide beautiful views of Warfleet Creek.

Views from the benches at Warfleet Creek

4. Castle Road splits into two. Either direction will take you in the right direction.

Choose your route at the fork at Castle Road

5. If you take the lower road, you can branch off to the left for a direct, waterside route to the castle. Walk around the back of the ruins and go up the steps.

Direct walking route to the castle

6. You can take a more direct route to Sugary Cove by taking the path on the left. For a more circular option, head up the hill.

Up the hill towards Little Dartmouth

7. Halfway up the hill you’ll come to a cottage. A path loops back down the hill to your left. Take this path.

The turning at Compass Cottage

8. Turn right and follow the trail. This will take you to Sugary Cove.

The footpath down to Sugary Cove

9. Continue along the trail or head down the steps to the beach.

Sugary Cove from above

Getting back

1. Head up the steps from the beach and turn right. This trail will take you to Sugary Green, where there are picnic benches and space for kids to run around and have fun.

Sugary Green, near Dartmouth Castle

2. Follow the trail until you reach Castle Road again.

Sugary Green exit

3. That’s it! Head back to Dartmouth along Castle Road. Take the steps down to Dartmouth Castle to make the most of the estuary views, or walk through woodland by staying on your current path.

Dartmouth Castle on a sunny day

There’s no shortage of scenic walks, both long and short, in and around Dartmouth. This historic harbour town makes a fantastic base for those who love to explore, whether pottering around this picturesque town or heading off along the Coast Path to destinations like beautiful Blackpool Sands.

Why not start exploring now?

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