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Start Bay

Start Bay

26th November 2020

Slapton Sands | South Devon Beach Guide

Slapton Sands in South Devon is an expansive three mile stretch of shingle beach, situated on the east-facing coast...

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22nd November 2020

Torcross | South Devon Village Guide

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the coastal village of Torcross can be found nestled between the freshwater lagoon...

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1st March 2020

Mattiscombe Beach | South Devon Beach Bible

Mattiscombe Beach, otherwise known as Great Mattiscombe Sands, is one of South Devon’s most secluded beaches and is the...

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Beaches Hallsands Beach
4 years ago

Hallsands Beach | South Devon Beach Bible

Hallsands village Hallsands village is located within a tranquil Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, towards the Southern end of...

Beaches Beesands
4 years ago

Beesands Beach | South Devon Beach Bible

Beesands Beach The small fishing village of Beesands is located between Hallsands and Torcross on the coast of Start...

Area Guides
7 years ago

Strete | South Devon Village Guide

Strete is a stunning coastal South Devon village nestled within Start Bay, in a South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Modest...