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This holiday let maintenance guide details important tasks to complete after a busy season to enhance your guests’ experience, encourage positive reviews and boost repeat bookings. Additionally, these regular maintenance checks can increase the longevity of items at your holiday let and save you money in the long run. 

Our guide to essential holiday let maintenance

Looking to learn about a specific aspect of holiday let maintenance? Use our quick links below to jump to a particular section, or read on for a full guide on how to keep your holiday accommodation well looked after.

Interior holiday let maintenance tips

Conduct a deep spring clean 

A post-busy season deep spring clean rejuvenates the property, creating a positive first impression for incoming guests. This deep clean eradicates germs and allergens, enhancing guest comfort and satisfaction, while also enabling early detection of maintenance issues for prompt resolution. 

Launder mattress and pillow protectors 

Maintain a clean and hygienic sleeping environment for guests by laundering any mattress and pillow protectors in your holiday let. Sweat, dust, allergens and stains accumulate over time, so it’s important to get these cleaned professionally to ensure good hygiene and overall comfort. 

At Coast & Country Cottages, we have our very own laundry service, Travel Lite, so the owners that let with us can rely on a professional laundry service at their fingertips to do this for them. Contact our team today to find out about the holiday let services we can offer you. 

Don’t forget, it’s important to remove mattress stains too! We recommend enlisting the help of Floorever Young for this. 

Don’t forget to clean mattresses

Mattresses can accumulate marks and allergens, so it’s important to clean them after a busy season. From lightly spot cleaning with warm soapy water to gently steam cleaning, be sure to follow the cleaning instructions for your mattress type. It’s also a good idea to air out the mattresses in your property to get rid of odours, as well as flipping them to prolong their shape and comfort. 

Deep clean ovens 

Post-busy-season, oven cleaning is vital. A clean oven upholds kitchen hygiene, improving food taste and preventing health risks. It boosts efficiency, ensuring consistent cooking and energy savings. Additionally, a clean oven extends its lifespan, reducing maintenance costs. For guests, a sparkling oven signifies a well-maintained property, enhancing satisfaction and encouraging return visits. 

At Coast & Country Cottages, we highly recommend enlisting the help of Oven Wizards based in South Devon.  

Have carpets and sofas professionally cleaned 

Whether your property is near the beach or in rural countryside, your holiday let can be exposed to sand, sea salt and mud. 

If you have a dog-friendly property, pet hair and odours can also accumulate, so it’s important to remove these particles with a deep clean at the end of a busy season. This will ensure you get the very most of your carpet and sofa.

Click to view our recommended upholstery and carpet cleaning services in South Devon…

Floorever Young

Fine Shine
01548 854313

Restock kitchen supplies

It’s important to periodically assess crockery and utensils for the convenience of your guests.  

Restocking kitchen and dining supplies helps maintain the property’s standard of service and guest satisfaction. When guests find all the necessary kitchen supplies readily available, it contributes to a seamless and enjoyable stay. 

Furthermore, replenishing kitchen supplies allows you to take inventory, identify any items that need repair or replacement, and plan for the next season accordingly. It’s a proactive approach to ensuring that the kitchen is equipped to meet the needs of future guests. 

View our holiday let inventory checklist for more information. 

Decorate high footfall areas

Moving luggage going in and out of your property can scrape walls, so a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. Consider redecorating these areas for a polished look.  

Get in contact with our team today to find out our recommended local decorator for the job you require. 

Target areas prone to mould and damp

Combat mould and damp by investing in proper ventilation and regular maintenance. We also recommend painting areas after you’ve removed mould, as well as resealing areas which can bring damp into your property, particularly in bathrooms. 

Exterior property maintenance checks

Jet wash decking, fences and patios

Following a bustling holiday season, it’s important to prioritise the upkeep of outdoor areas by jet washing patios, decking and fences, which can gather debris and stains over time. These are areas we often get feedback on.  

We highly recommend investing in a professional jet wash service to revitalise outdoor spaces and extend their lifespan.

Click to view our recommended local contractors…

Squeaky Clean
07873 472866

Jon Flage

Trim overgrown hedges and branches 

Not only does maintaining hedges enhance the overall appearance of your property, but it’s actually an important health and safety consideration. Remove branches and hedges that are overhanging, obstructing views or merging into pathways. 

Remove weeds 

Weeds can take over gardens and patios, so be sure to take time to remove weeds from the root to prevent regrowth. Not only can removing weeds make a positive impression on your property among guests, but it can also bring safety benefits too, preventing guests from tripping. 

Clean gutters 

Cleaning gutters is essential to prevent water damage and protect your holiday home. Removing debris from gutters can prevent costly repairs to your roof and interior, reducing leaks, mould and damp.

By following this guide and utilising the recommended local contractors and services listed, you’ll keep your property in optimal condition, ensuring a pleasant and comfortable living experience for guests.

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