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Start Bay

Start Bay

26th November 2020

Slapton Sands | South Devon Beach Guide

Slapton Sands in South Devon is an expansive three mile stretch of shingle beach, situated on the east-facing coast...

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24th November 2020

Blackpool Sands | South Devon Beach Bible

Blackpool Sands in South Devon is a sheltered, golden crescent of fine shingle, situated on the east facing coast of the...

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22nd November 2020

Torcross | South Devon Village Guide

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the coastal village of Torcross can be found nestled between the freshwater lagoon...

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Beaches Mattiscombe Beach
9 months ago

Mattiscombe Beach | South Devon Beach Bible

Mattiscombe Beach, otherwise known as Great Mattiscombe Sands, is one of South Devon’s most secluded beaches and is the...

Beaches Hallsands Beach
10 months ago

Hallsands Beach | South Devon Beach Bible

Hallsands village Hallsands village is located within a tranquil Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, towards the Southern end of...

Beaches Beesands
11 months ago

Beesands Beach | South Devon Beach Bible

Beesands Beach The small fishing village of Beesands is located between Hallsands and Torcross on the coast of Start...

Area Guides
4 years ago

Strete | South Devon Village Guide

Strete is a stunning coastal South Devon village nestled within Start Bay, in a South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Modest...